Beach Bum Club

Owner Exclusive!

Our beach bum club is available for all owners’ children to join. We hold sessions on a Friday evening and Saturday morning, any child of any age and capability is able to join.

Upon joining they are issued with a yellow rash vest, which confirms their membership and as their swimming and capabilities progress they get issued with the next level/colour rash vest.

There are 8 levels in total, and once level 4 is reached we are happy that the child is capable of joining us on the beach activity days and even landing themselves a position as assistant.

It’s not all training and hard work, we hold pool parties in the dark and there are additional fun items in the pool for the kids to enjoy.

Join the Club by Registering at Reception and filling in the Beach bum club registration form.
Swim a width of the main pool with arm floats Propel across the main pool with a float board and no arm floats Collect a ring from the bottom of the baby pool Float for 1 minute in the main pool with help if required
Enter the water by jumping gently off the side Swim across width main pool unaided in 2 of the following strokes Breast or front crawl or back stroke Duck dive to the bottom of main pool Pick up 1 x 50p coin from bottom of main pool
Swim width of main pool under water Swim 1 length of the main pool in breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke Pick up 6 rings in 1 breath Float on your back for 1 minute (toes pointing out of the water) Support a person Safely for 30secs standing (depending on height will be in baby or main pool)
Pick up 4 x 10ps in 1 breath Rescue a person, swim and support for a length of the main pool Swim 2 widths of the main pool underwater Swim length of the main pool duck diving for 3 items on the way

Use a snorkel and mask in main pool

Swim a length of main pool with snorkel and mask, duck dive and surface cleaning snorkel

Paddle with surf board 2 lengths of main pool

Use flippers to complete a circle of main pool

Complete 3 tasks on the beach from the following list Snorkeling Kayaking Paddle boarding Bodyboarding
Understand procedures for under water diving and safe use of breathing apparatus