10 Reasons to Love Camping in North Cornwall

With the sun shining, and the first of the May Bank Holidays behind us, it’s time to air out the tent, restock the camping essentials and head to North Cornwall!

1. The digital detox! 

Remember the days of your childhood, spending the long summer days outside with nothing but the world around you to keep you entertained. Making up games. Getting your hands dirty finding “the perfect stick”. Building sandcastles. Camping gives you the freedom to disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other. By taking away the temptation to check emails, stepping away from social media you let your brain relax and be ‘in the moment’. 


2. The Great Outdoors

We all know about the mental health benefits associated with getting out into nature. Taking deep lungs full of salty sea air- did you know the Victorians used to prescribe it for major diseases- Is known to boost our serotonin levels (the happiness hormone).

3. The new experiences and skills 

When you go camping, every member of the family needs to pitch in. Whether it’s taking the rubbish to the bins, or helping carry the dishes to the sinks and washing up. Everyone gets involved and has their responsibilities around the tent. Then there’s all the things you could learn nearby, like surfing or kayaking. Don’t forget Band Practice is the first weekend of each month- pop along and learn to play with Whisky Falls.

4. The pace of life 

Welcome to Cornwall, where everything happens “dreckly”. Slow down, take a breath and throw out the schedule. Enjoy your break from the ‘real world and let the magical Cornish air do its job.

5. The quality time

Whether it’s a long weekend or a week under canvas, spending that extra time together and reconnecting with one another is what it’s all about. 

6. The adventure

When you go camping, everything is an adventure. Even bedtime is part of the adventure, sleeping under the stars.


7. The small things

You find you appreciate them more. The sound of the kettle coming to boil for that early morning cuppa as the sun rises over the campsite. The smell of the rain. The sound of the kids giggling in their tent compartment thinking you can’t hear them awake. 

8. The BBQs

It’s a Great British tradition. As soon as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, the smell of the BBQ fills the air and all is well. Even if the sausages always end up a little too ‘well done’. 

9. The sun sets! The sun rises! The stars! 

What more is there to say? Grab a blanket (or your sleeping bag) and a thermos of hot chocolate, get outside and snuggle up together.  If you live in a built up area, the opportunity to really see the stars is slim. Not here. On a clear night the skies above Harlyn shine bright.

10. The memories! 

Oh the memories! For the whole family.

If we’ve whetted your appetite, book your next Harlyn camping trip now!