5 Ways to Fight Nasty Plastic Pollution in Cornwall

With Earth Day 2022 around the corner (22nd April 2022), we’re sharing some ways you can help reduce plastic waste during your holiday. We want to keep Cornwall’s beaches free from pollution, and stop ugly plastic waste washing up on the waves. It’s super easy to do, by making just a few small changes, you can make a huge difference.

Why should you be bothered? 

Plastic pollution doesn’t only make our beautiful beaches look bad, it’s also really bad for the wildlife too! When plastic gets into the ocean, it washes around for hundreds of years. Animals ingest or become entangled with the rubbish which can kill or seriously injure them. We’ve got so many wonderful species of sea life that you can find in the waters around Harlyn that we need to protect. According to Padstow Sealife Safaris, there are grey seals, dolphins, harbour porpoise, basking shark, puffins, seabirds, minke whales and jellyfish in our waters. Not to mention visiting sea life- remember Wally the Walrus last year who stopped off in Padstow all the way from the Arctic. 

How can you help the fight against plastic waste in Cornwall?

1. Go on a Lego hunt

In 1997, 62 containers fell from cargo ship Tokio Express 20 miles off the coast near Lands End. One of those containers was filled with nearly 5 million pieces of Lego. To this day (particularly after a storm), Lego pieces have been known to wash up on Cornwall’s beaches. Ironically, many of the Lego pieces were sea themed, including the elusive black sea dragon. Find out more about Lego Lost at Sea . If you don’t find any Lego, we’re sure you’ll find lots of other plastic pieces which you can remove and dispose of. You’ll be amazed at what you find washed up from the ocean.

Tag us on social media in any pics of your finds!


2. Reusable bottles, cups and straws

Instead of buying single use plastic bottles, bring your own. We’d be more than happy to fill it up for you, as will many of the shops, attractions and cafes across the Duchy. 

Likewise, a refillable coffee cup will save money (many cafes offer discounts for using your own cup), and also the environment. 

Stick to reusable or paper straws in your drinks. We offer paper straws in the clubhouse to help you stick to this. 


3. Say no to plastic bags

Take a reusable bag with you for those trips to the on-site shop, or when you pop into town. It’ll be cheaper, and also save another unnecessary plastic bag finding its way into the sea. 


4. Refuse travel size toiletries

If you’re a frequent holidayer, or static owner, we’re sure you’ve got a “go bag” of toiletries at the ready, but if not, save ££ and the environment by refusing to buy travel size toiletries. Full size, or refillable bottles dispensed at home are the perfect way to keep the plastic to a minimum. 


5. Think about where you get your takeaway

Consider buying from food vendors that use biodegradable packaging, or traditional paper wrapping. Opt for fish and chips served with a wooden fork instead of plastic, and buy a full sized sauce bottle/jar, instead of individual squeezy sachets. 


Did you know Penzance on the south coast was Britain’s first town to receive plastic- free status from Surfers Against Sewage? (Great bit of pub quiz knowledge there!) There are now over 860 communities within Britain signed up.