Harlyn Sandcastle Championship 2022

The highlight of every Harlyn Sands holiday has got to be the time spent down on the beach! From rock pooling, to paddle boarding and everything in between, we LOVE it. And so do our guests! That’s why one of the weeks most popular activities is always “Beach Day”. We have crab races, we make pictures out of pebbles we find and everyone’s favourite, the Sandcastle Competition! 

Each year our guests get more and more creative, with families planning for their entry before they even arrive! Here are some of the fantastic entries from 2022… Can you spot yours? 


Aren’t they all wonderful! But of course, there can only be one winner (in this case two). Picture the scene, it’s Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, the sun is shining, Cornwall is in full throws of summer, Harlyn Sands is brimming with excitement, Victoria Sponge, and perhaps a few too many bubbles, and down on the beach brother and sister team Victor and Alice set to work on their entry “Liz the Ju-belly-fish”. The crowds went wild. The people of Facebook flocked to cast their votes and ultimately crown Victor and Alice as the official Sandcastle Champions of 2022! 

Here’s their entry:

WELL DONE to everyone that entered! You are all fantastic!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to take the crown next ear, book your Harlyn Sands holiday now 👇