Our essential guide to packing for your Harlyn Sands holiday

Congratulations on booking your first holiday at Harlyn Sands!

You’re no doubt counting down the days, hours, minutes until your week in the Cornish sunshine (don’t worry, it’s also amazing in the rain!).

Now comes the ‘fun’ part… packing your suitcase.

To help you get started, we asked our regular Harlyn holiday’ers for a list of essential items they ALWAYS pack before hitting the road.

Here are some of our favourites…

Practical items

Toilet rolls and all the usual toiletries you need.

Laundry detergent and change for the laundrette, if you plan to wash clothes during your week.

Washing-up liquid and tea towels.

Towels for the beach, the pool, after showers etc.

Bin bags (take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints on our beaches).

‘Flip-flops and a good sturdy hat!’ says Herbie on Instagram.

Food and drinks – don’t forget the tea bags, although we recommend you try Cornish Tea and Cornish Coffee (when in Rome!).

Tomato sauce is high on @Absolutescents78’s list – “a must for those BBQ’s and cooked breakfasts!”

Bed sheets and quilt covers (or for a small fee you can hire these).

Fun items

A swimming costume / wetsuit for those days at the beach and in the Splash Pool.

Surf / body boards (although you can buy or rent these almost anywhere here in Cornwall if space is tight in the car).

Buckets and spades – after all, no trip to the beach is complete without digging a hole in the sand. And of course, you’ll need them for our Epic Sandcastle Competitions! Here are last year’s Champions:

Fancy dress (Jennie on Facebook will be bringing her “party pants”). No spoilers, but we do love to get dressed up, adults and children!

A pack of playing cards – we do love a family game of Dobble or Uno.

DVD’s to keep the kids entertained when the sun isn’t shining.

Water pistols – you’ll need these to chase those pesky pirates on Friday afternoon!

A few of our regulars mentioned “beer money” (*please drink responsibly).

So, now that you know what to bring, you can get packing. We can’t wait to see you!